Kony 2012

I understand the importance of making Kony a more well known enemy,( I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t already know about him) but in the end Facebook is not the answer, it will in fact make little change, Kony is acting outside the law in his country, Keywords being ” in his country”, no matter how many Facebook users see this video, or even how many people know who he is, it doesn’t change the fact that this man has done this for years and if being declared a terrorist by the US government didn’t stop him, I don’t think social networking or some posters will. The government has already done everything short of an open assault on the lra to stop him. If you want to support a cause that bad why not support one in America. Child Sex trafficking in America is at rates of 250,000 per year yet the charities designed to help them are closing due to inadequate funding from donors, where are their posters? Or how about the people of southern Apopka, people who are literally within our own state dieing from cancer and deformities associated with contamination, yet the remain one of the poorest and weakest cities in America simply because only precious few groups help them, not even a video for this? I’m not saying that we shouldn’t help Uganda, as I think we should, but I’m saying before we go white knighting to help another country we should fix the problems with ours. And if you still feel that Uganda needs to be helped first try this- Instead of showing everyone in America how bad of a guy he is, raise money and donate it to the us military specifically for the cause of apprehending Kony, you can do this and it will serve a more direct purpose. Because funding someone to take him down is more effective then funding posters talking about how bad he is. In the end there will be the people who always want to help, but then there will be the people who actually do. And believe me the people who will help, already know about this.

This movie will forever be the shit.